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Helps leaders and teams perform everyday with the best possible energy, well-being and balance

Welcome to Kendall Bhave

Who is behind the company Kendall Bhave? 

So does Charlotte Kendall, educational psychologist, consultant and stress coach

Charlotte has more than 13 years of experience as an independent consultant and coach and her experience comes primarily from coaching and facilitating programs for people who have had a desire to change habits, behavior and bring more health, joy and balance into their everyday lives. 

In 4 out of the 13 years as an external consultant, Charlotte has facilitated and run more than 1200 individual sessions in evidence-based stress coaching programs for managers and employees. Here, Charlotte has gained a deep insight into people, well-being and mental health and gained experience of what makes different people perform in everyday life with the best possible energy, well-being and balance. The results, Charlotte's personality and educational background as a Master of Education in Psychology have contributed to her current role as a trainer in health and well-being in the workplace.

In selected areas, Charlotte collaborates with other skilled capacities, one of which is a regular partner: Helle Andresen from Lederne Storstrømmen. This makes Charlotte a strong sparring partner for HR partners, managers and teams alike.

In 2024, Kendall Bhave still has stress coaching on the shelf, but most of the time Charlotte Kendall is a trainer and sparring partner for leaders and teams. 

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HELLE ANDRESEN, business partner 

Helle Andresen, 33 years of leadership experience, chairman of Lederne Storstrømmen and consultant at Actief-Hartmanns, where Helle works with leadership coaching, newplacement and crisis management.

For 16 of her 33 years as a manager, Helle Andresen has been a distance manager. In addition, Helle is active in several boards.


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