As an external HR sparring partner, I can help in different roles and setups

Does your company not have an HR partner

E.g. help with planning and conducting SDD interviews as an independent task or sit on the sidelines with a manager during all or part of the process

Does your company have an HR partner

E.g. help with agreed tasks or act as a sparring partner in relation to dynamics and behavior in the workplace, when hiring a new employee, putting together a team or facilitating a meeting

I can help with

Workforce planning and strategy

Help to clarify or shed light on different team dynamics and compositions through coaching and supervision, e.g. in connection with a new leader in a team, onboarding of new employees or when the team faces challenges or tasks where it is important to train communication and collaboration

MUS conversations

Help with planning and conducting SDD interviews or a contributing sparring partner before, during and after the interviews

Everyday challenges

Conversations and programs with managers and employees, e.g. coaching and sparring on leadership, communication and collaboration as well as stress prevention and management 

New employee

Help with personality type testing and sparring before, during and after recruitment, where it can make sense to discuss which applicant will be the best overall when we look at professional competencies, team dynamics and the company's strategy and direction 

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For small and medium-sized businesses

Boost wellbeing and employee engagement

Developing skills and potential

Optimal use of resources and shared outcomes

Support health and long-term performance

Attract and retain talented employees

Prevent stress and unhappiness

Do you or your company need help with HR and Management tasks?

Before starting a collaboration, an initial physical or virtual meeting is always held. Here we discuss challenges, wishes, needs and objectives. We discuss the desired output, framework and timeframe, and based on this, a written and individually tailored proposal with prices is submitted. 


+45 28 53 83 53

Pomonagde 9B, 1 floor
4800 Nykøbing F.

Charlotte Kendall

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